Adam Moss Military VeteranEvery time I put on a ‘Team Rubicon Australia’ (now DRA) shirt I am humbled by the fact that I am about to be surrounded by the best men and women this country has to offer. It just so happens that they are also putting on a Team Rubicon Australia shirt. I am instantly surrounded by passion, selflessness, energy and most importantly a willingness to put others first. Why would you not want to completely immerse yourself into this culture and belief. Our amazing members are the lifeblood of this organisation, and they are integral to the nation’s emergency management capabilities and overall disaster relief and recovery operations going forward. I am also privileged to be part of a senior leadership team that has been watching this amazing capability grow every day.

Across the entire organisation we are becoming smarter, we are becoming more in tuned to community expectations and needs, but most importantly many of our members are believing in themselves and this organisation as a whole. “That has to be a good thing right?” When deploying as a member of the organisation you can be guaranteed that three things will occur, you will experience complete cultural immersion, you will obtain a feeling that you’re giving back to the community, but most importantly you will have a feeling of being part of a team. For many military veterans these feelings have been a distant memory. As a military veteran myself I love watching other like-minded veterans’ step into this realm for the first time and experience these feelings all over again. For me, it’s become something I am deeply passionate about.

Operation Hannaford in South Australia is yet another major stepping stone for us as a growing organisation across Australia. Raising a Disaster Relief Team (DRT) in South Australia has always been in our future business plan however with the current bushfires in the Adelaide Hills in the beautiful township of Lobethal deploying our capability was a no brainer. It was meant to be. From the outset, this beautiful community has welcomed us with open arms even though many of them have lost everything. Many of their stories are tragic and extremely sad however their resilience and the belief that things can only get better just inspires me more.