Australian Business Volunteers

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) partnership with Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) will provide a regional program that draws on much needed local and external expertise to prepare or revise disaster risk reduction plans that truly reflect the needs and wishes of individual communities and provides tailored place-based solutions and skills to action them.

ABV builds on Australia’s long history of volunteering in times of disaster and community need. ABV works at the intersection between business and community for resilience and community-led growth.

ABV is a team of several hundred Skilled Business Professionals (SBPs) enabled by a small salaried team. Together they source opportunities throughout Asia Pacific and in Australia to work in partnership with corporates and deliver impactful corporate social responsibility programs. We guarantee sustainable outcomes for communities, through strengthening small businesses and not for profits, leading to poverty alleviation. With 40 years’ experience across Australia, Asia and Pacific, ABV is focused on programs that produce outcomes, positive stories of change for the small businesses and not-for-profits that our Skilled Business Professionals and staff support through transferring Australian business know-how and experience.


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Capable Communities Partnership

Critical community-led disaster risk reduction program, Capable Communities, has been given the green light to be rolled out across New South Wales Southeast communities with today’s latest funding announcement by Resilience New South Wales under the National Partnership Agreement for Disaster Risk Reduction through the Resilience NSW Disaster Risk Reduction Fund. 

Capable Communities will deliver specialist workshops over 18 months for active community leaders, groups and members across four at-risk LGAs in the region to walk away with robust disaster risk reduction plans and be supported in the implementation. 

In these tailored workshops, designed by communities themselves, the focus will be on bringing in required disaster risk reduction and recovery experts, skilled volunteers and facilitators to collaboratively develop authentic plans which draw on local capacity and knowledge, ensuring their communities are well placed in the face of future floods and other hazards.