Reflection – Bec – Operation Dexter

Disaster Relief Australia | November 2020

My name is Bec and I’m from the Brisbane DRT (Disaster Relief Team) . I am a vetaran who served in the Australian Army for 15 years.

I was discharged in Dec 2018, nearly two years now. I grew up in country Victoria on a large grain farm where I am one of six children. After leaving the Australian Army, I had friends who were a part of  DRA who inspired me to join.

When the bushfires had heavily affected parts of our country earlier this year I felt compelled to be a part of the team. Growing up on our farm we had a bushfire go through our property which had a devastating effect. OP Hannaford in ADL was my first deployment. Here I am now on my second deployment, my first with DRA.

The people you work with, the people you help on the ground and the community you help slowly rebuild is the most fulfilling feeling. It keeps me coming back. For myself, it puts life back in perspective for you.