Being on the Tools is Rewarding - Aaron Mangravati, Civilian 1

I first heard about DRA through a member that I met whilst doing some work with St John. She sold it to me as something that made a difference with a good group of people so I thought it was worth a try. Over the last couple of years I have done quite a few things with DRA and being out on the tools is pretty rewarding. Going out there and helping people get things done is good.

One of the best parts I like is being able to interact with the owner, to take their mind off what has happened and maybe get them to smile or have a joke along with you.

Sometimes when they come out with you it seems to be good for them, to be involved and part of the team.

I like it all really, the chainsawing, the tools, the teams, working together as a team. In the future I wouldn’t mind spending some time in the IMT, maybe in Plans/Ops and exploring seeing a different side of how things work.