A Living Bequest

Disaster Relief Australia strives towards bringing, not only practical assistance but hope to individuals, families and communities affected by natural disasters. By leaving a bequest to Disaster Relief Australia in your Will, you can make an invaluable difference to peoples lives, now and into the future.

Making a gift while you are still alive is another important option that some people prefer.

A living bequest is different to a cash donation and a normal bequest. You donate a lump sum of money which is kept in a separately named account and invested according to the Disaster Relief Australia investment policy. Each year the income of your living bequest contributions is recapitalised, allowing the total value to grow. Combined with a donation in your Will, this can result in a substantially more significant gift than what can be achieved by donation or bequest alone.

For a confidential discussion about creating a living bequest with Disaster Relief Australia, please get in touch with Rebecca Miller, National Fundraising Manager on 0421 213 001 or email Rebecca.Miller@disasterreliefaus.org.

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