I first heard about Team Rubicon Australia, (now Disaster Relief Australia) through friends who had gone on deployments. I am not a veteran but I really wanted to ‘give it a go’ and help out those less fortunate than me.
Even though I am a civilian, I felt really confident with TRA (DRA). My boss is super supportive about me deploying and having that support at home makes all the difference. Kangaroo Island is my second deployment and I have felt welcomed by the teams at both Willawarrin and Kangaroo Island.
I am not afraid of hard work, and I like being a team player, both skills have been really
useful. There is definitely enough hard work to go around!
The most moving thing for me has been the happiness of the people we help, how grateful they are.
Here on Kangaroo Island, I really connected with the owner of the local quad bike business. His
business had really taken a hit in the bushfires, with almost all of his bikes destroyed when his shed
burned down. We got the ball rolling on his recovery by diving in to start the cleanup. Our help
wasn’t just physical, it was emotional too, letting him know that someone cared.