I can’t wait for my next deployment – civilian Damien Threlfo

Disaster Relief Australia | February 2021

I am seriously impressed with DRA and I loved my first deployment. We made such an impact to community resident Janet. We made her cry in a way that “I haven’t cried in over 11 years.”

From their good humour and easy organisation, DRA have everything possibly sorted, that you could think of. The team work shirts are the best I have ever worn, and what impressed me the most, was the care and maintenance of the chainsaws each afternoon.

After every day, the chainsaws are taken apart completely, scrubbed down, blown out, repaired, sharpened, cleaned and stored for the next day. I have never seen such an organised operation. 4 chainsaws being stripped and cleaned in unison on custom made workbenches while chatting about the day with friends.

The associated kits have literally ever single thing you could ever possibly need, and more!

I joined because it was something nice to do and time to bond with my mum, but being able to do some decent, organised, safe, well communicated work with a team of awesome professionals, there is nothing like it.

You will gain so much from helping with DRA, and I couldn’t suggest it more!

I can’t wait for my next deployment!