DRA returns to Adelaide Hills for Black Summer bushfire recovery

Disaster Relief Australia | December 2020

bushfire recovery adelaide hills

Disaster Relief Australia is launching a Service Project in the Cudlee Creek bushfire area to continue assisting with bushfire relief and recovery from the Black Summer 2019/2020 bushfires.

In 2019/2020 DRA completed 7 domestic operations, 1 international operation, deployed 741 volunteer members and delivered 2.4m in value to communities in the wake of disaster. DRA rapidly scaled up from conducting one operation at a time, to conducting five operations across three states concurrently.

Unfortunately, DRA’s efforts were paused while the world began to deal with the global COVID emergency. During the lockdown period DRA redirected their focus to the development of service projects. These are smaller DRT (disaster relief team) led projects designed to help local communities, whilst also providing opportunities for our members to remain engaged between national operations. DRA is able to adapt and continue to serve in the evolving COVID situation.

The upcoming service project in the Adelaide Hills will provide much needed assistance to Adelaide Hills property owners. A recent bushfire recovery effort utilising a national member base had to be postponed in mid November due to recent COVID lockdown/restrictions in South Australia.

Disaster Relief Australia will liaise closely with the Lobethal Recovery Centre to help identify the community members who are in most need of their assistance.

Alex Zimmermann, Local Recovery Coordinator, Cudlee Creek Fires, Adelaide Hills says, “The local community is waiting with anticipation for the return of DRA volunteers to assist them in their recovery. Notwithstanding the limitations brought about by COVID I anticipate there will be some great progress made over the coming weeks once the volunteers are able to commence their operations in the Adelaide Hills.”