Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) & Certificate III in Driving Operations

DRA & ACM Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) & Certificate III in Driving Operations (TLI31216)

TRAINING EVENT: Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) & Certificate III in Driving Operations (TLI31216)
COURSE PROVIDER: Australian College of Mining (ACM) https://acm.edu.au/
LOCATION: Initial training online. Practical training will be conducted in various locations around NSW to accommodate interstate DRT members.
DATE: Enrolments must be complete by 1 December 2020 – Online pre-work must be complete by 01 Feb 2021 – Practical assessments will be organised and conducted at multiple times and locations over the next 12 month period to be accessible to all members who enrol.
MUSTER STATUS REQUIRED: Engagement Ready or Deployment Ready


Disaster Relief Australia and ACM have developed a training pathway to enable a step up in operational capability to Plant and Heavy Haulage operations. The prototype course/s for this program have 50 pax per course.

This will be the largest training undertaking to date that DRA has engaged in and it will need serious and committed members to make it a success. Each position on these courses has a value of over $10,000 and it is only due to a massive commitment from ACM and dedicated DRA members that this opportunity exists. Commitment to completion is essential, we expect that commitment to be honoured. There are serious financial ramifications to the training provider (ACM), should members self-remove or not complete the course requirement, these ramifications will mean that the training provider will not try to repeat these and other valuable course offerings in future.

This EOI will only be in circulation for a short time due to time pressure to ensure enrolments are completed by the 01 Dec 2020. This is a hard funding cut off time imposed by the funding provider and those not enrolled by this point will not have the opportunity to progress. Each student will have an individual training plan developed to ensure they are able to progress through the course, during a phone interview with ACM to assess their background, current skills and qualifications.

Those who have enrolled by this point will need to complete the online training modules by the 1st of February 2021. To aid engagement and to assist students, there will be weekly study groups facilitated by the DRA project manager for this activity, and to make sure no one falls behind and all queries have a point of contact to be directed to.

DRIVING OPERATIONS: The practical training and assessments for the driver operations will conducted from multiple locations to ensure ease of access for students, and the instructors will be the ones who complete the driving and skills assessments. There will not be a requirement to complete licensing tests with state transit/road/transport authorities. This driver qualification includes much more than just driving components, for awareness of these check here: https://training.gov.au/training/details/TLI31216

PLANT OPERATIONS: The practical training and assessments for the Plant Operations will be conducted as service projects with the aim to focus on areas of previous DRA operations near borders with SA, QLD, VIC and ACT. This will minimise transport burden to the training and build on existing relationships with communities that have suffered through disasters and are currently rebuilding, that know and trust DRA. For more information on the qualifications check here: https://training.gov.au/training/details/RII30815

These qualifications are highly sought after and can offer the potential for a positive career change. Currently we are investigating follow on opportunities for members of DRA who pursue these qualifications in the realm of paid employment in mines remediation. This effort is in early stages and not guaranteed, though it is important to understand these courses are not intended on being delivered in isolation for just DRA operations in future.

ACM has offered a suitably qualified veteran Instructor from DRA a full-time role delivering in both Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815) & Certificate III in Driving Operations (TLI31216) (2 possible positions). This/these instructors would take the lead on delivery of these skills with our members and deliver any other ACM training as required. If you are interested in this express it in the relevant question below.

Honestly, this whole package is epic, it has taken a huge amount of work to get the opportunity to this point, and it will take a whole lot more to take it to completion, but we are committed to make it happen for you, our DRA members. Is this for you?

All DRA Members can apply and will be considered for this training NSW centred training opportunity. Priority for selection will be based on many factors including ability to commit, current employment status, home location, DRT skills distribution etc.

REMINDER: As mentioned previously, practical training will be conducted in various locations around NSW (limitation of funding source) to accommodate interstate DRT members.

Due to the term of this training activity and the COVID situation, there may be limitations on interstate travel at some points, which members will be informed of as the practical activity details and organisation progresses.

All RTO training costs, assessments and mentoring sessions etc.

Details of what is required for each of the driver training and service project activities will be disseminated at a later date. However there may be requirements for travel to/from training locations. Transport, meals and accommodation will be part of the planning process and attempts to mitigate the need for members to expend their own resources will be made, but there may be some minor costs associated with the activities.

Members must have reached ENGAGEMENT or DEPLOYMENT READY in Muster to be eligible for DRA Training. If you are waiting on a call or have had trouble setting up your profile, please indicate this in your EOI and the mobilisation team will be in touch to help you out.

Candidates for training must complete enrolment and online training by the cut-off dates above, and be available for their practical assessments in accordance with their training plan to meet their relevant competency requirements. Significant efforts will be made to ensure all members are able to link in with the many opportunities that will be provided throughout the 12 month period following February 2021 to ensure they are able to complete the course requirements.

An up to date Tetanus injection is a compulsory part of deploying for DRA and is strongly recommended for physical training events as well.

Submission of an EOI is not a guarantee of selection. Please note: Check spam and junk folders for missing communications! You may be contacted by the mobilisation team for further information.


Dec 01 2020

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Australian College of Mining (ACM)

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