Incident Management Team Pre-Deployment Course

Incident Management Team Pre-Deployment Course

COURSE PROVIDER: DRA’s Mark Dobson & IMT Mentors
LOCATION: Zoom (virtual)

Course 1: 21 Nov 2020. 1000 – 1300
Course 2: 26 Nov 2020. 1000 – 1300
Course 3: 01 Dec 2020. 1400 – 1700
Course 4: 12 Dec 2020. 1000 – 1300

These are four separate courses. These will all contain the same content.

MUSTER STATUS REQUIRED: Engagement Ready or Deployment Ready

Disaster Relief Australia is hosting Incident Management Team training to upskill our members ready for leadership roles this disaster season, noting that operations in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic have already kicked off.

Incident Management Team
Disaster Relief Australia supports communities through providing resources and capabilities that enable the community to begin a return to normalcy following a disaster event. A key component of that capability is the control and coordination functions provided by the Incident Management Team (IMT).

The Incident Management Team (IMT) is responsible for mission command of DRA operations in the designated area of operations (AO). For this to occur, a structure must be implemented that allows the IMT to build a picture of what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen in and around the community into which they have been deployed.

There are many skills required to be an effective member of an IMT, and enjoy yourself without being overwhelmed when deploying. The aim of this course is to prepare you for deployments, giving you an understanding of:

  • Leadership within DRA
  • Documentation used by the IMT
  • The “Battle rhythm” day-to-day running of an IMT
  • Introduction to the many roles and responsibilities of IMT members

This blended approach, introductory course will provide an outline of the responsibilities for each of the IMT positions, the utilised documentation and some discussion around scenarios that the IMT may have to deal with on an operation. The modes of delivery will be the completion of the pre-course eLearning package then your attendance at one of the above course offerings.

To ensure smooth administration, if you already have a Gmail (or DRA email) email address please use that when filling out your details below, the IMT Op drive access is made much easier if you supply a Gmail address from the outset. If you do not have one, and are successful with your application, instructions on how to create a Gmail account will be sent out with the pre-course instructions.

Those DRA Members who have experience in an IMT will be considered as priority for these initial IMT training opportunities. Due to the virtual nature of this course, applicants may be drawn from any DRT.

An eLearning package that links to a mock IMT OP drive (to which you will be given access) will be sent out with course instructions upon your selection.

There is no travel requirement. Food and Drinks are at the participant’s own expense (Your house, your stuff).

Members must have reached ENGAGEMENT or DEPLOYMENT READY in Muster to be eligible for DRA Training. If you are waiting on a call or have had trouble setting up your profile, please indicate this in your EOI and the mobilisation team will be in touch to help you out.

Candidates for training must be available for one of the entire three hour session. You must also review the entire eLearning package and Op drive contents prior to attendance.

Submission of an EOI is not a guarantee of attendance. Please note: Check spam and junk folders for missing communications! You may be contacted by the mobilisation team for further information.


Nov 21 2020 - Dec 12 2020

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DRA's Mark Dobson & IMT Mentors

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