National Public Relations Officer (PRO) Course 7

National Public Relations Officer (PRO) Course

COURSE PROVIDER: Disaster Relief Australia
LOCATION: e-Learning Self Paced (DRA Training Portal)

Start Date: 08/04/22
MUSTER STATUS REQUIRED: Engagement Ready or Deployment Ready

Opportunity Overview:
The DRA PRO is a unique, and agile role on our operations and within DRT’s with significant responsibility. If you’re ready for that…Keep reading.

“The Public Relations Officer role plays an important part in DRA’s ability to share the story of our tribe, and the encouraging effect we have on communities impacted by disasters. As a PRO you will be essential to developing relationships with our tribe, the community and our partners. The relationships forged and fostered by you, allow us to continue our growth and present opportunities to serve those who need help. In the PRO Course, you will learn practical skills on how to identify opportunities to create content, develop relationships and build awareness of who DRA are, and what we do.”
– Sarah Fitzharris, National Marketing Manager

“Being a PRO It is more than just telling our story, sharing our member’s contributions to disaster-affected communities, informing the national team, and engaging with the community. It is capturing the heartbeat of who we are, and what we do and sharing it effectively.”
– PRO, OP Woods

This course is an introduction to PRO activities or PRO level 1, it will equip you with the knowledge and skills to have a productive and enjoyable deployment in the PRO 1 role. The course covers a number of areas including:

  • Daily PRO SITREP
  • Member reflections
  • Community reflections
  • Draft Social Media generation
  • Drafting Media Releases
  • Managing and conducting interviews

All DRA members at Engagement or Deployment Ready can apply. Anyone with skills, knowledge and experience in the creation and curation of digital/multimedia, journalism, public relations and related fields are encouraged to apply. We need to build a robust team of Public Relations Officers within each DRT, with a multi-disciplinary skillset. The first step to achieving this is finding our talent, and supporting the growth of our members who are interested in developing these skills. We look forward to your application.

Training & Assessment

Personal internet connection
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Course Point of Contact- – National Training Manager

Thank you for your interest in attending this course in support of future DRA Operations!

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