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Skid Steer and Excavator (Plant) Operator Training Melbourne

TRAINING EVENT: Skidsteer and Excavator Operator Course (2 x 3 Day Courses)

COURSE PROVIDER: Coates Hire – RTO #1402

LOCATION: Coates Hire – 572 Geelong Rd, Brooklyn (Melbourne), VIC, 3012

DATES: 21 – 23 & 24 – 26 Jun 2021


Disaster Relief Australia, Australian Capital Equity, Coates Hire and the Melbourne DRT are working together to host TWO 3-day Skid Steer and Excavator Operator Courses for DRA members to upskill and ready for the future disasters.

Each of the three day course blocks is inclusive of both Skidsteer AND Excavator training. Both 3 day training blocks will cover the exact same material. You cannot do only a part of the course e.g. just Skidsteer and NOT excavator. Nor can you complete one day in the first 3-day course block then the last 2 days in the second 3-day course block. You must be available for 3 consecutive days in either the first or second 3-day block.

This is a unique opportunity and not part of business as usual training for DRA, funding is not secured for future events, so each person should give careful consideration to applying for a position.


This training will cover how to:
– Plan and prepare for skid steer loader operations
– Operate skid steer loader in line with established requirements
– Load, carry and place materials to complete work activity
– Select, remove, fit and use attachments for a skid steer loader
– Prepare to relocate the skid steer loader
– Conduct housekeeping activities

– Plan and prepare for excavator operations
– Operate excavator in line with established requirements
– Lift, carry and place materials to complete work activity
– Select, remove, fit and use attachments for a excavator
– Prepare to relocate the excavator
– Conduct housekeeping activities

Those DRA Members who reside in Melbourne will be considered the priority for these training opportunities.

Residents of other states MAY be considered, however border restrictions and travel cost may make this prohibitive.

Training is free to selected DRA members and holds a value of approximately $1000 per person.

– Food. You will need to take a packed lunch and drinks to the training each day.
No fuel or travel subsidy will be provided. Car pooling may be available, to be coordinated by course participants.
Please note you must bring your own steel cap/composite toe work boots, Hi Vis – long sleeve shirt, eye protection and work pants.

DEPLOYMENT READY in Muster to be eligible for this DRA Training. If you are waiting on a call or have had trouble setting up your profile, please indicate this in your EOI and the mobilisation team will be in touch to help you out.

Candidates for training must be available for ALL THREE days of the relevant course.

Should you be selected for this course and achieve competency, you will be required to maintain a logbook of your operating experience and undergo periodic verifications of your skills as a DRA Plant Operator.

You will be required to abide DRA’s Plant operations policies, procedures and comply with SWMS and all safety advice at all times.

Please ensure your qualifications are uploaded into Muster, (Tab #4: Qualifications and Skills) once the course is complete.

An up to date Tetanus injection is a compulsory part of deploying for DRA and is strongly recommended for physical training events as well.

Submission of an EOI is not a guarantee of attendance. Please note: Check spam and junk folders for missing communications! You may be contacted by the mobilisation team for further information.

IMPORTANT- Due to the potential loss of value and capability to DRA, YOU must ensure that outside an emergency, you are able to attend this training. Last minute withdrawal or non-attendance, once you confirm availability, will jeopardise your future training opportunities.


Jun 21 - 26 2021

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Coates Hire
572 Geelong Rd, Brooklyn (Melbourne), VIC, 3012

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