In Response to: Catastrophic Flooding
Location: Northern Rivers, NSW
Status: Complete 12th August to 26th September

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Back to Northern Rivers August 2022

DRA responded to the March catastrophic flooding in QLD and NSW with our biggest operation commitment to date, Operation Kelliher.

After a break in operations allowing us to make repairs to and service our equipment, restock supplies and assess work completed to date, we are now planning to recommence further flood recovery operations in Northern NSW.

Area of Operations

The NSW Northern Rivers region experienced its worst flooding in history.  This centred on (but was not limited to) Lismore Council, Richmond Valley Council and Byron Shire Council areas. Heavy to extreme rainfall fell across various parts of the area with flooding of numerous rivers and creeks. Extensive damage occurred to farmland, towns, and villages across the area. Ongoing periods of rain hampered efforts to affect a quick recovery, and large areas are still struggling to find a way back.

Flood Recovery Taskings

Operation Kelliher focused on urgent flood recovery tasks like debris removal and ‘muck out’ activities.

It is expected that the new operation will have a greater focus on temporary home and property repairs in an effort to assist the community return to their homes.

Submit Your Interest to Volunteer

Expressions of interest are open for this operation between the dates of 12th August to 26th September. Some waves are to be confirmed and the operation status is pending.

If you want to get back out there, please get your EOI in now so we can finalise our planning.

News and Field Ops Reports

Ellen Agnes Meline Riordan | The Story Behind the Name

Operation Riordan is named for Ellen Agnes Meline Riordan, a courageous nurse who won seven medals during both World Wars.

Flood Recovery Operation Riordan Launching 13th August

Disaster Relief Australia will launch flood recovery Operation Riordan on 13th August 2022 to help Northern Rivers residents recover from continual catastrophic flooding. The operation will focus on home and property repairs aiming to get the community safe, secure, and warm. 

Community & Volunteer Reflections

Lismore resident and owner of the Music Bizarre in Magellan Street Lismore, Debra Ray thought she was ready for future floods.  

With lessons learned from 2017, Debra thought the upstairs of her store was well protected against rising waters. She was wrong. The 2022 Northern Rivers flood hit hard. Her premises, stock and irreplaceable collectables were significantly damaged.  Under pressure and...

Couldn’t Have Done it Without all the Help – Phil Terry Lismore Resident

I’ve had so much help. I couldn’t have done it without all the help. The help has been Amazing. You guys are incredible.