In Response to: Devastating bushfires

Location: Adelaide Hills

Mon 24th May – Fri 28th May
Mon 31st May – Fri 4th June
Mon 7th June – Fri 11th June

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Donating to this operation will support Disaster Relief Australia volunteers in real and practical ways.

Cherry Gardens Service Project

The most recent service project is for Cherry Gardens, to assist and support the community affected by fires earlier in 2021. Members will have the option of helping with this disaster recovery as many or as few days as they are able.

We know our Adelaide members can’t wait to get back out there working with the team to help others in need!

Cuddlee Creek Service Project

The Adelaide DRT (disaster relief team) launched a Service Project in the Cudlee Creek bushfire area to continue assisting with the relief & recovery from the 2019/2020 fires. There were many property owners that remained in need of assistance. In mid November an attempt to launch Operation Mason, utilising a large number of our members from across the country had to be postponed due to recent COVID lockdown/restrictions in South Australia.

Community & Volunteer Reflections

I feel privileged – Raeleen’s reflection

Having recently retired I wanted to volunteer my time and skills to help others. I joined DRA following a suggestion from my sister, also a DRA member and Navy and VicPolice veteran. My first deployment was to the Adelaide Hills 3rd Wave. Everything was run like a...

I can’t wait for my next deployment – civilian Damien Threlfo

I am seriously impressed with DRA and I loved my first deployment. We made such an impact to community resident Janet. We made her cry in a way that "I haven't cried in over 11 years." From their good humour and easy organisation, DRA have everything possibly sorted,...

DRA returns to Adelaide Hills for Black Summer bushfire recovery

Disaster Relief Australia is launching a Service Project in the Cudlee Creek bushfire area to continue assisting with bushfire relief and recovery from the Black Summer 2019/2020 bushfires. In 2019/2020 DRA completed 7 domestic operations, 1 international operation,...