Gwen Garrad Reflection

Disaster Relief Australia | April 2020

I’ve just graduated with my Masters in Sustainable Agriculture at CSU Orange and working part-time on a vineyard in Orange. I first heard about TRA (DRA) from my housemate who has been with them for some time. When I heard about what she was doing I really felt as though I wanted to do similar work. What attracted me the most was being able to help people on a personal level after disasters have struck. This has been my first operation and after just one day I can really appreciate just how much of a difference we are making to people in the community. I spent some time talking with one of the householders and after listening to their story I feel really proud that I’ve played a small but important part in helping them on the road to recovery. I’m looking forward to the challenges the rest of the week will bring and getting to know more people in the community. It’s great fun working with the (TRNorway) Vikings from the other side of the planet! Being a newbie, team members are really looking out for me and I already feel as though I belong!