How to Support the Adelaide Hills Bushfires

Disaster Relief Australia | January 2021

Adelaide Hills bushfires update

Update: 25th January: 2020

On 24th January, 2021, bushfires started in Cherry Gardens and Clarendon in the Adelaide Hills. More than 500 firefighters mobilised in an attempt to control the fire which ripped through 2,500 hectares of bushland in the area.

As rain begins to fall in South Australia, hopefully providing some reprieve to emergency services, we urge everyone in the Adelaide Hills to stay safe and tune into ABC 891 and check the CFS Warning and Incidents webpage for the most up to date information.

We will link in with this community as soon as appropriate to offer our assistance in any way we can.

We’re still recovering from Black Summer Bushfires of 19/20

The 2019-20 Australian bushfire season, also known as Black Summer, saw an extended period of multiple large-scale and intense fires. Australia’s Black Summer megafires were a severe blow, with hundreds of homes lost, millions of hectares of lands burned and parts of the ecosystem destroyed.

Covid-19 hampered our efforts to provide bushfire recovery to the area. An ongoing service project in the Cudlee Creek bushfire area continues to assist with relief and recovery.

When the fires are out and the emergency response subsides, that’s when communities affected by disaster need the next wave of help. Disaster Relief Australia is prepared and ready to answer the call.

In response to the Black Summer bushfires, Disaster Relief Australia coordinated over 15,300 volunteer hours within South Australia. DRA provided debris clearance, route clearance, logistics support, air and ground damage assessments, welfare checks, home repairs and spontaneous volunteer management.

DRA regularly witnesses a profound effect resulting from providing cleanup after catastrophic events. We are always heartened to see residents able to begin the long road to recovery and get back on their feet.

How can you support today?

Your donation dollar does double time. Not only are you able to help communities devastated by disaster, you are also supporting Australian Veterans find purpose through service. Your generosity in supporting Disaster Relief Australia will aid us in continuing our bushfire recovery efforts from Black Summer and also to assist property owners losing their homes and buildings right now.

What will your donation contribute to?
Your donation will support Disaster Relief Australia volunteers in real and practical ways. DRA uses your donated funds to train volunteers, manage the deployment of disaster relief teams and to supply the equipment required.


Do you think you have what it takes to help communities devastated by disaster?

More than 3000 people have signed up to offer their services since DRA launched in Australia in 2016. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted our ability to rapidly mobilise a nationwide volunteer network. This significant impact on our recovery operations across the country has forced us to focus on building our state based disaster relief teams. We are actively seeking new motivated volunteers. Not only will you be able to help communities devastated by disaster, you will become part of a nationwide tribe of committed members.

What is it like to volunteer with DRA?

Working in a DRA team can be hard yakka but infinitely rewarding. Volunteers and property owners work together to assess what needs to be done, from clean-up operations to clearing burnt grounds of tree stumps and the charred remains of properties and fencing.

Military veterans, emergency responders and motivated civilians can join and deploy with Disaster Relief Australia on disaster operations. If you’re committed to serving those in need, there’s a spot for you on the Team.