Ian Davies

Having been a volunteer firefighter in Western Australia for six years, and then moving with my family across to NSW two years ago, I was looking for a new volunteer journey to go on. I joined Disaster Relief Australia late last year and completed core operations earlier this year. Now on my first Operation with Team Rubicon, the amazing experience continues.

Personally, having struggled to come to terms as a firefighter, with selecting which properties we could save, and which we had to let burn, it was very cathartic to be able to come and assist some of the people I had been unable to protect and serve during large fires back in WA. Attending the Lions club president’s home which had been completely destroyed was very emotional. To hear their story, to see them being so positive, and finding the light in each and every fragment of personal items they found was very rewarding and super motivational. To be able to help them in their time of need, even in a small way made the reason for being part of Team Rubicon all come together. The commitment to the cause, the professionalism and the will to get shit done is another reason why I think Disaster Relief Australia is, and will continue to be successful.

It’s fitting I think, that we’re here over Easter. A time of rebirth and new beginnings. As the damaged environment is even now, starting to heal, so is the town as new life is breathed into it. Even in such terrible times for a community, we can see strength and opportunity to make something better. Team Rubicon is helping this happen. I can’t wait to see what else we can achieve for this community here in Tathra over the next week.

Ian Davies – Kick arse civilian