Katherine Wannan

Disaster Relief Australia | August 2018

Farming is more than just a job to farmers. It’s their life. They love what they do and they do it all day, 365 days a year. Helping out and doing what we can, even if it’s small, is so important. It’s less
about the actual jobs we do and more about being there. Listening to what’s happening and being an understanding ear is just as important as the actual jobs we’ve been given.

For me this experience has reminded me of living on a mixed grazing-cropping farm 100km west of Moree. We went through 2-3 years of drought before we had to sell the family farm. It’s been challenging to see families struggling, like mine was. The great thing about TR is that we are out here helping. My family didn’t have help like this when we were going through it. It’s a great experience and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. – Katherine Wannan.