Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation and partners including Disaster Relief Australia, launched a program to lift resilience to fire and flood risk communities across Australia by 2025.

The Resilient Communities Mission will provide support to communities through local programs addressing critical issues such as mental health, underinsurance, access to essential resources, education and training on resilience and leadership.

Communities that have higher levels of resilience are better equipped to cope with the impact of disasters and make plans to adapt to such events in the future. Almost half of Australia’s population live in communities that have a low-to-moderate level of disaster resilience.

The Resilient Communities Mission will focus on 4 key areas. Leadership. Knowledge. Resources. Investment.


Empowering local leaders to enact community resilience plans.


Offering new types of education and training on resilience that enable longer term change.


Improving access to critical resources before, during and after events occur to lessen impact and fast track recovery.


Accelerating new types of investments to encourage behaviour change and reduce insurance premiums.

Resilient Communities
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After the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019/2020, Minderoo Foundation set up an ongoing volunteering program with DRA to mobilise and deploy skilled teams of volunteers to bushfire affected regions across the East Coast of Australia. 840 volunteers have helped communities recover from 7 extreme weather events across 74 communities.

DRA will address a shortfall of volunteers in the ‘off season’ with a recruitment program created for Project Resilience’, the latest evolution of the program. DRA will grow the capability of first responders, including military veterans, emergency management, and response specialists. Outreach efforts will also raise community awareness of natural hazards, inspiring local residents to act.

The end state by 2025, will be to contribute towards a national volunteer ‘army’ drawn from government, industry and the community, with 3000 volunteers available for deployment – realising over 16,000 volunteer days of community resilience operations over four years. 

Geoff Evans, CEO of DRA describes the program