Minderoo Volunteer FAQs

Disaster Relief Australia | February 2021

Minderoo Foundation Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

To complete the process to become a Minderoo Foundation Volunteer for DRA, you will need to complete the expression of interest and then wait for a screening call from one of our friendly DRA membership coordinators.

You will receive an email after your screening call, confirming acceptance into our volunteer database – Muster. To gain full volunteer status you must complete your Muster Volunteer Profile. Muster is Disaster Relief Australia’s (DRA’s) Volunteer Management System. To access Muster, you’ll need to be an approved volunteer of DRA. Ultimately, the system will be the go-to for all Volunteers to find information relevant to their involvement with DRA. Before you can commence your volunteer journey with DRA, each area of your Muster volunteer profile will need to be completed diligently. The status of this profile is used to determine your eligibility for involvement in certain activities. To assist you with this process we have included a Volunteer Profile setup guide. Once your profile is complete, as a Minderoo Foundation Volunteer, you will have access to express your interest in DRA operations. For each project you want to deploy on, an individual EOI must be completed prior to any opportunity to help and will be subject to a strict vetting process.