Spirit Award Chris Koedam

Disaster Relief Australia | November 2021

Chris Koedam has worked above and beyond to help people in the community over multiple operations. He has been outstanding within the IMT and also shows true grit on the tools. Chris always looks out for the best way to help his community and team, prioritising jobs and workloads to achieve the best outcomes.

When things don’t go to plan, Chris is flexible, calm and undaunted. He will stay positive, working towards an end goal. He is observant of the group and also each individual and will manage and organise his team/tasks around any challenges to make the best of any situation.

Chris will put his hand up to help where ever it is needed. He has mentored others and has gained respect amongst his peers who will look for his advice and opinion knowing it will be honest and untainted. Chris shows respect to every member he works with and will go out of his way to make people feel welcome and included. In return, he is also respected.
Excellence in all regards

Both in my personal dealings with Chris and through widely observing his continued and significant involvement within DRA, he has consistently conveyed ‘Excellence’ in all regards thanks to his vision, dedication and determination to the mission and to helping those in need.

Service is the lifeblood of any organisation, and Chris has embodied this DRA value to its core by showing up, continuing to show up, and acting without expectation of personal gain, recognition or reward.

A member of the team who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of himself, it’s a pleasure to see Chris well-deservingly receive this month’s DRA Spirit Award.

– Cade Cooper – Deputy National Director of Disaster Relief Teams