Operation Elliot Post Op Summary

Disaster Relief Australia | May 2021

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Community Costs Saved

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ADAT Flight Hours

The Mid-North-Coast to South of Sydney NSW experienced a sustained extreme weather event that set in on 19 March 2021 and continued until 25 March 2021 across many areas. This natural disaster brought record levels of rainfall in some areas, leading to extensive flooding and evacuation orders. Properties were inundated as the river peaked at 5.65 metres, falling just short of the historical high of 6 metres in 1929.

In response, Disaster Relief Australia (DRA), conducted a flood recovery operation in the area of the Port Macquarie – Hastings and Mid Coast Council areas named Operation Elliot, commencing on 10 April 2021.

Devastated communities and overwhelmed homeowners are looking at months of hard work to restore their livelihoods and bring back hope. The assistance provided by DRA has gone a long way to help these homeowners in kickstarting their recovery. Jobs included mucking out mud, removing extensive rubbish and debris, clearing access to properties, chainsaw work, fence line repairs and aerial damage assessments. Our members rolled up their sleeves, got dirty and provided real hands-on help where it was needed over the 5 week operation.

The difference that I saw made in just the one day I’ve been with DRA, it put me in the driver seat, gives me an insight into the hard and vital work that they do. This is the absolute truth, the entire DRA team, their generosity and what they’ve brought to the Port Macquarie Hastings region through what has been one of the biggest crises that our region has faced, I am in absolute awe. I cannot stress how
important it is for our community to continue assisting the families in the Valley and Lower Pappinbarra.
Mayor Peta Pinson

Significant media reported on Disaster Relief Australia’s flood recovery operations in the NSW Mid North Coast area brought vital awareness to the ongoing issues faced by disaster affected communities.