Fulcrum is an integral part of DRA’s operations, and we thank Spatial Networks for their generous in-kind support. Fulcrum provides our disaster relief teams with software (available on both desktop and phone) which efficiently manages large volumes of requests for assistance.

The advanced system captures all relevant details and allows us to go through all necessary steps to scope the request, plan the work, document everything and manage reporting.

The in-kind support is critical to our operations – we are immensely grateful.


Using Fulcrum in the field

• When DRA deploys on operations, we receive requests for assistance directly from the community and from local government or emergency management agencies.
• These requests are documented, tracked, and managed using the Fulcrum platform provided by Spatial Networks.
• Fulcrum allows us to geo-locate affected properties, making it easier to find, assess and prioritise our work – even when there’s no cell or WiFi coverage in the field.
• Providing extensive checklists, Fulcrum helps us determine what is within our capabilities, and that our people and equipment are fit for the task at hand.
• At any point in time we’re able to see how much work has been completed, and what work is still outstanding – which is able to be fed directly into our management reporting

using fulcrum disaster relief