Re-branded to become Disaster Relief Australia

Disaster Relief Australia | May 2020

As of Friday 29th May 2020, Team Rubicon Australia has re-branded to become Disaster Relief Australia (DRA).

It is important to note that only the business name and associated branding will change. DRA retains the same board of directors, leadership, members, and importantly, the same vision and mission. This is an exciting time in the evolution of our organisation, and while Team Rubicon will always remain a proud part of our history, it is time for us to adopt an independent brand that resonates in Australia and clearly spells out what we do.

Why are we re-branding?

1. It uncouples us from the idea we are a US organisation.
2. It frees us from licencing restrictions.
3. It allows us to chart our own course.
4. We feel that the Team Rubicon brand has not resonated deeply in Australia.

The new name spells out who we are, what we do, and where we come from.

What is changing:

Our new name:

  • Disaster – Our business.
  • Relief – Captures all four phases of
  • Australia – Where we are from.

Brandmark iconography:

  • Diamond is the highest standard.
  • At DRA we are never alone, so there are two diamonds positioned together.
  • The shape resembles Australia.
  • The Australian Military Kangaroo highlights our military heritage and is also relatable to all Australians.
  • The blue surrounds the Kangaroo, representing Australia as an island.

What is not changing:

  1. Disaster relief Australia will continue to unite the skills and experience of military veterans, with emergency services specialists, to rapidly deploy disaster relief teams both, in Australia and overseas.
  2. Disaster Relief Australia will continue to work with like minded organisations overseas.
  3. Our business details, including our ABN, remain the same.

The true value of Team Rubicon Australia was never in the brand, but rather in our ability to bring help and hope to the survivors of natural disasters and, to provide veterans with the opportunity to continue to grow beyond their military service.

This is an exciting time in our history, and although we have achieved much. we are really only just getting started.