Reflection Ben Fisher Operation Dexter

Disaster Relief Australia | October 2020

ben fisher reflectionMy nickname is Wig, I got this when I was 17 and it has stuck ever since. I am an ambo with the NSW Ambulance, I live on the Coast with my wife and children.

I feel blessed in my life and this is one of the reasons I feel that giving back is something I wanted to do. I first read about DRA (TRA) in the Sydney Morning Herald and wanted to know more. I googled the group and felt that this Organisation would be a great fit for me being that I am interested in doing aid work.

I have done some aide work overseas particularly in PNG and I have really enjoyed this. I am a self-confessed serial underachiever and I am the first to say this. I really enjoy giving back to the community and seeing how what we do impacts the families we help.

From Op Dexter I will take away some enhanced fencing skills and some great relationships with some great people. I love that this organisation is built for a purpose for people to benefit both giving and getting back. It is a healing process for us much as it is for the community.

I wouldn’t have recognised this as concrete as that in the beginning but retrospectively I see that it is a healing role for all. I am looking forward to deploying again both domestically and hopefully when we can internationally.