Unique ability to care for people – ex veteran and former police officer Nick Backe-Hansen

Disaster Relief Australia | November 2020

Nick Backe-HansenIt was the Army that first gave me, indeed taught me, the unique ability to care for people I’d never met. It instilled in me what I call the ANZAC Spirit. I took these traits into my service with the NSW Police Force and now the Federal Police. I have now completed almost 29 years of government service and I still feel like I have so much more to give.

Disaster Relief Australia allows me to use all of the skills I have obtained along the way to help communities who have lost absolutely everything and often, too often, that can include their will to go on living. To me Disaster Relief Australia offers an opportunity to gather all of my experience, grouping it with like-minded people each with their own set of skills and providing assistance, however small, to a person in need.