Robert Bazzard, originally from the South of Wales, spent 15 years in the British Army before moving to Australia and continued his career with the ADF. In 2015 he was medically discharged and commenced a new life as a civilian. Robert initially explored a few volunteering options but wasn’t really content. One of Roberts friend’s invited him to join Team Rubicon and complete the Core Ops training in Townsville.

“I deployed on the Deepwater operation and initially found the work quite physically demanding; however, the training I received from TRA (DRA) has helped me develop new skills and some of these have even been useful to me in my personal life.

I feel that Team Rubicon (DRA) has been a good landing spot outside of the Army and it has been good to work with others who are not from a services background. One thing I personally have improved on is my communication style when talking to those from the wider community and I do feel that Team Rubicon has been a good way to help reintegrate into civilian life.

Being a local, I was on the ground very early in the Townsville deployment and have seen the operation progress through different stages. It has been sad to see the effect of the flooding on the residents. Because we are a young organisation, the operations haven’t been without it challenges, the management of spontaneous volunteers has been challenging and our approach is evolving. As the Spontaneous Volunteer Manager, it was really pleasing to receive the positive feedback from these volunteers, however this has probably also been related to the flexibility of the Greyshirts involved.

Being part of Team Rubicon has taught me to have more compassion and to have a deeper understanding of people from different backgrounds. I am certainly going to stay in Team Rubicon in the future and am constantly recommending joining to other veterans that I come into contact with.”