I was previously in the infantry for eight years. I’ve transferred across and are currently serving full time in the Royal Australian Air Force. When I was posted up in North Queensland, I saw the impact of Disaster Relief Australia during the Townsville floods. I spoke to a few of my veteran friends up there, and they said the community that it brings is really good and helpful. So I signed up.

It’s been great to come back to the region where I grew up, and see the impact of DRA, not only on myself but the community and seeing the relief on the people’s faces that we are helping in this natural disaster.

Disaster Relief Australia provides a place for veterans to come and feel useful by giving back to the community they also provide support to ourselves and veterans from the hardship that we may have experienced by creating camaraderie and just overall mateship.

Joining DRA has given me more meaning to fill in the spare time that I’ve had and come down and help the community. The self-worth it gives you and the interaction with other veterans’ emergency service is just great to see the smiles and the community starting to recover from this tragedy.