Never seen anything like this ever – Steve Baker Community Reflection

Disaster Relief Australia | March 2022

flood community reflection

I’ve lived here for 12 months but I’ve never seen anything like this ever. About a metre of water came barrelling down the stairs and ramps. The water pressure has blown the heavy fire doors off their hinges and ripped them in half. It’s come through the carpark and through all the storage cages full of personal belongings, mattresses, cupboards etc. I lost a lot of camping equipment and antique cameras and old negatives and slides. I’ve been trying to clean them up but not sure if they’ve survived.

We’ve been working for a couple of days trying to move all this rubbish up from 2 floors underground up to the street level. It’s been hectic here since the weekend. As we started to pump the water out you could see where it got to and the amount of damage that was done. We couldn’t have done all this without you.

Having the extra hands here today has made such a difference and we can’t thank you enough for all the help.