Tathra Bushfire Response

Disaster Relief Australia | March 2018

Tathra Bushfire Response

DRA volunteers are on the ground in New South Wales, following significant damage to the small seaside town of Tathra. An Operational Reconnaissance Team has been deployed to the area to engage with local agencies and further assess our ability to contribute to the recovery effort.

On the 18 March 2018, a bushfire began in the locality of Reedy Swamp, near Tarraganda, which spread east towards Tathra destroying homes and blocking one of only two roads out of the town. By the morning of 19 March up to 70 buildings were believed to have been lost, and more than 200 people sought shelter at the Bega evacuation centre. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) confirmed that 69 homes were destroyed and 39 were damaged.

With the level of destruction seen to this community it is Disaster Relief Australia’s intent to support the recovery efforts in Tathra, by assisting residents to identify and locate items in damaged/destroyed properties, conducting expedient home repair and working on debris management.

To best achieve this DRA has coordinated and deployed 3 immediate Strike Teams and an Incident Management Team, and are now providing assistance as residents begin moving back into various areas of the township.

Thanks to detailed planning, the support of our partners, our members and those in our community able to contribute we can all do our part to assist a local community in need.

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