Disaster Relief Australia and Minderoo Fire Fund join forces

Disaster Relief Australia | March 2020

minderoo foundationDisaster Relief Australia and Minderoo Fire Fund join forces to provide relief to fire affected communities of Australia Sydney, NSW (March 6, 2020) Disaster Relief Australia, a veteran-led disaster relief organization, is collaborating with Minderoo Fire Fund to scale its operations in fire affected parts of Australia.

Minderoo Foundation CEO Andrew Hagger, and Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) CEO Geoff Evans today announced a new collaboration which will ensure fire-affected communities are matched with skilled and experienced volunteers to help them rebuild.

This collaboration has already seen 28 volunteers deployed by Minderoo Fire Fund, to work on the ground with Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) volunteers, in Cobargo, NSW and in the Adelaide Hills, SA. The coming weeks are set to see an increased number of Minderoo Fire Fund volunteers working alongside DRA on the ground in affected communities.

DRA is coordinating deployment and providing on the ground support for recovery efforts, and have been on the ground since November, 2019. Minderoo Foundation Fire Fund is meeting travel and accommodation costs for volunteers. This new collaboration ensures fire affected communities are matched with skilled and experienced volunteers, to help them rebuild and recover from what has been the most devastating fire season in Australian history.

DRA boasts over 2,000-strong, highly skilled veteran volunteer force that helps communities stabilize and recover after a devastating natural disaster. The addition of Minderoo Fire Fund volunteers to this pool, allows a new level of response to emerge.

DRA CEO, Geoff Evans said ““This partnership with Minderoo Foundation provides a significant boost to our on- the-ground resources in fire-affected communities, and will mean a robust capability into the future”

Mr Hagger says of the collaboration “From the very beginning of Minderoo Foundation’s engagement with fire affected communities we have heard that having skilled and well-coordinated volunteers on hand can really accelerate community recovery.”

“People’s willingness to give up their time to assist others is further testament to the care and generosity Australians demonstrate in times of need”.