Craig Barber – A Difference Made

Disaster Relief Australia | December 2021

Joining up with and volunteering for Disaster Relief Australia is something I was very strongly drawn towards after the Cuddlee Creek bushfire went through the local area. I felt it was an excellent way for me to give back to my community and help out those in a time of need.

The Pocket Forrest Project was a great example of that. It was an opportunity for me to meet up with other locals and volunteers from all over SA, to come together and work on this project in Lobethal. An opportunity to put my young and agile body at work and use my strengths and talents to give back in ways that simply just making donations, like I had in the past to those affected by the bushfires, couldn’t do.

The project consisted of a day of planting and landscaping at what was quite a special site for the locals of Lobethal. This particular section of roadside held significant importance in remembering how close the town got to further destruction during the Cuddlee Creek Bushfires. It will forever be used to remember and reflect on the turning point of that very dark day. We brought this area to life with fire retardant native shrubbery, mulch and trees. Installed tree guards and did quite a bit of weeding and clearing, laid down weed matting and did some further mulching on what is set out to be the next part of the project in the future.

This project had an amazing “feel good” vibe to it. Because by the end of a hard day’s work we could see the difference we made. Not only to the landscape and the project itself. But to the community members it impacted. At the end of the day some words were shared by some of the locals and it made it very clear just how important the work that Disaster Relief Australia and it’s volunteers, is for the Australian community facing hardship after natural disasters.

Disaster Relief Australia is a one of a kind organisation that is extremely well run and has the community at the forefront of its mind at all times. I highly recommend becoming part of the tribe and volunteering through Disaster Relief Australia, for anyone who wants to help and feels like they just “have more to give”.

Thank you Disaster Relief Australia for the opportunity to feel like I can make a real difference in giving back to my community!
Craig Barber,
Bunnings Mt Barker.