In Response to: Catastrophic Flooding
Location: Victoria
Status: October – November 2022

Get Involved

Existing DRA members are invited to submit an EOI for this operation via the above link.

Members of the community who are keen to assist can register via the link below.

VIC Floods Recovery Operation

Following severe weather events, which are still ongoing, across the state in October 2022, a number of communities in both regional and metropolitan Victoria have suffered extensive flood damage.

On Monday, 17 October 2022 the Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews announced that Disaster Relief Australia would be working with Emergency Management Victoria to manage the spontaneous volunteer ‘mud army’ from local communities who are expected to start arriving once flood waters recede to aid in the clean-up.

Area of Operations

The initial areas of operation as flood waters start to recede are planned to be located around the communities of Maribyrnong, Seymour, Rochester, Shepparton and Echuca.

Flood Recovery Taskings

As part of Operation Mactier Disaster Relief Australis is proud to have been invited to manage the spontaneous volunteers wishing to help out in the community by Emergency Management Victoria.

Work will include cleaning mud out of homes, mucking out and clearing debris, rubbish removal and general clean up. 

Submit Your Interest to Volunteer as part of the ‘mud army’

Members of the community who are keen to assist can register their interest via the REGISTER link above. Information will then be provided on where and when people can assist once it is deemed safe for us to enter these communities to begin the clean-up.