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Disaster Relief Australia this year secured significant Federal Government funding to build on its capacity to conduct disaster resilience, recovery and relief operations and related community projects.   

DRA applied for the funding to develop and realise its strategic plan 2026. In partnership with the Australian Government’s announced funding, the much-needed investment will see us significantly build our organisation, its infrastructure and develop its capability to always provide optimal support and relief for vulnerable communities affected by natural and humanitarian disasters. 

We will further develop systems to connect with other emergency response and relief agencies and increase interoperability as well as to recruit more volunteers into DRA.  

Continued financial and practical support from our partners, donors, members and spontaneous volunteers remains essential to fund our field operations.  

The government funding will be used to expand and support our volunteer base of both veterans and non-veterans adding 5,000 new volunteers to our organisation. It will establish the necessary resources and structure to respond to more disasters and to train and deploy more people with the essential skills and life experience we need.