Keno supports Disaster Relief Australia for the fifth Year in a row with a $200,000 donation

Disaster Relief Australia | July 2024


Unprecedented and unpredictable, the epitome of disasters: Keno supports Disaster Relief Australia for the fifth Year in a row with a $200,000 donation

“Moving into our fifth year of support of DRA makes so much sense. Keno supports licensed venues, which are often the cornerstone of their communities, particularly during times of need,” Keno General Manager, Licensed Venue Operations Paul Malek said.

“When disaster strikes, DRA is there to help communities get back onto their feet and we want to play our part by ensuring the DRA team continues to assist those who are impacted.”

Keno’s assistance is more than just monetary. Keno venues help spread the word when volunteering opportunities arise and often act as Disaster Relief Australia operation headquarters where relief efforts are organised and run.

“We do know there are a higher number of disasters that are occurring more frequently,” says Chris Koedam, Strategic Partnerships Manager from Disaster Relief Australia.

It’s the increase in the frequency and severity of these disasters that is making it more critical than ever to help more Australian communities get back onto their feet.

Disaster Relief Australia CEO Geoff Evans said the essential partnership between the two organisations supported communities following severe and life changing natural events.

“The Keno and DRA partnership is about reaching into communities to bring help to those who have been devastated by natural disasters,” he said. “It’s about restoring hope where there is none and being there for members of our community who need assistance the most. Our partnership allows DRA to continue to mobilise the veteran and defence community to help survivors of disasters.”