Disaster Response

Disaster Relief Australia provides disaster response to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international.

By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with emergency responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Disaster Relief Australia aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the skills and experience of military veterans with emergency services specialists to rapidly deploy disaster relief teams in Australia and around the world in the wake of natural disasters.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent disaster relief organisation in the Asia Pacific, and in doing so, change the narrative around what it means to be a veteran in Australia.

Our Purpose

By preparing for and responding to disasters, Disaster Relief Australia provides veterans the opportunity to grow beyond their military service. Disaster relief has proven to be a powerful tool to help veterans transition back into society and their local communities.

Our Values

Disaster Relief Australia is a professional disaster relief organisation with a unique culture and history.  We are dedicated to the service of communities in need and to each other.  DRA is governed on values that place a high value on servant leadership, maturity, integrity, teamwork and determination.  We believe that veterans have unique skills and experience that can be harnessed to assist disaster affected communities. We also recognise that veterans have an ongoing desire to serve others and that through service they can grow beyond their time in the military.

The following values underpin our organisation:

Courage I

We act without fear or favour in the best interests of the communities we serve and each other.

Mateship II

We assume the best about those with whom we serve.  Stridently, we look after each other and the community: Mate first, self-second – always.

Endurance III

We know that beyond the next hill is a river and beyond the river another hill.  Yet we will march undaunted until we reach those who need us.

Service IV

We serve without expectation of personal gain, recognition or reward.

Tenacity V

We bring order to chaos with a fierce blend of determination, flexibility and grit.


We act with every possible kindness and humanity, and no matter what, hold ourselves to a higher standard. Be respectful : Be respected.

Serving the underserved

When selecting projects, we look for grassroots development initiatives where community members, particularly the poorest and most marginalised, have determined project priorities and participate at every level of project implementation.

Across the world, disasters are a part of life. No corner of the globe is spared from severe weather – be it crippling winter storms, catastrophic cyclones, or unchecked wildfires. By focusing on underserved or economically-challenged communities, Disaster Relief Australia seeks to makes the largest impact possible.

Disasters represent a massive financial cost, and by providing immediate relief work, free of cost to the community, DRA aims to help communities begin recovery sooner.

Our Mission 1