DRA wins 2023 Australian Charity of the Year

Disaster Relief Australia | October 2023

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Disaster Relief Australia has claimed the 2023 crown as Australian Charity of the Year.

DRA received the top honour via The Australian Charity Awards announced in late September.

This year’s Award recognises DRA’s unique capability and capacity – through its Project Resilience initiative and Big Map exercises – to help communities prepare for future disaster events.

The initiative is integral to DRA’s work with communities in identifying the potential risks and hazards that they face and providing solutions to mitigate and manage the impact of those risks and hazards.

The ‘Big Map’ is a large cloth map – usually between 10m x 10m and 15m x 15m – that profiles a particular community or area. It is created via DRA’s Geographic Information Systems team. The information is gathered, analysed, and then transformed into maps/aerial intelligence and used to highlight to the community via a Big Map session how to prepare for natural disasters in the future.

The outcome of a Big Map exercise is an empowered community, with residents, business owners and community leaders equipped with the tools and opportunity to effectively prepare for, manage and respond to an environmental disaster.

The Australian Charity Awards acknowledge charitable organisations that have achieved outstanding results with initiatives that improve and enhance the lives of everyday Australians.

DRA was chosen as Charity of the Year amongst a field of 11 other charitable organisatons recognised with an Outstanding Achievement Award.

This is the fourth consecutive year of recognition in the national awards, as DRA has to date received the Australian Charity Award for Outstanding Achievement for three years.

This year is the first time DRA has taken top spot.

To learn more about our award submission visit the Australian Charity Awards website The Australian Charity Awards 2023