National Australia Bank

We are excited to announce our major partnership with the team at NAB.

As we enter this new exciting phase of expansion across our organisation, NAB will be working with our teams on strategies for team growth, social impact and engagement as well as incorporating their staff alongside our volunteer disaster relief teams out in disaster impacted communities across Australia as part of our corporate volunteering program.


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Corporate Volunteering

We integrate our corporate volunteers into our field operations and volunteer leadership roles so they get real hands on experience and a sense of achievement in supporting communities impacted by disasters.

We do this so your staff are able to develop strong team dynamics and improve staff motivation and morale, promote a sense of community within your organisation, and give them a sense of making an impact while assisting communities who are rebuilding after a natural disaster. This work includes:

  • Working as a member of one of our ‘Strike Teams’ to clear debris and access        points
  • Mucking out mud and cleaning down walls and interior/exterior of homes
  • Leadership positions in our Disaster Relief Teams and Incident Management Teams for more long term regular skilled volunteering and professional development
  • Project-specific volunteering (sustained engagement with a finite finish date against a specific skillset)
  • Week long deployments in the field assisting communities impacted by disasters.