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DRT Manager: Ben Lesslie

DRT NSW was launched in 2019. Due to growth in volunteers and reaching 600 in 2023, DRA divided its NSW DRT into two, with NSW North officially launched in September. DRT NSW South currently has 501 volunteers.

Since its 2019 launch, DRT NSW South has completed multiple service projects. These include:

  • Willawarrin 2022 – During the 2019/20 bushfires, 300 homes were destroyed in the Willawarrin area. The service project was to support the local community in developing greater preparedness and understanding of hazards presented by natural disasters in the Willawarrin area.
  • Hawkesbury 2022 Flood Relief – The Hawkesbury area suffered from three floods in three years and in 2019/20 were affected by severe bushfires. The residents of the area showed signs of mental fatigue from the multiple disasters, with much needed support offered through a DRA operation. The focus was on the clean-up of the Bardenarang Gully Creek specifically within a 1.5km distance spanning from the Friendship Bridge on Pitt Town Bottoms Road. A large amount of plastic and other debris had snagged and become lodged in the vegetation along the river and its banks. It is currently nick-named ‘Ghost town’ due to the eerie look of the hanging plastic. This was also the start of the NAB Partnership where the DRT hosted a number of NAB volunteers to assist with the clean-up.

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