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DRT Manager: Zoe Marriott

DRT SA was launched in June 2020 with 35 volunteers. The volunteer base has steadily grown and several Service Projects have been undertaken across the State. These include:

  • Adelaide Hills Aug 2020 – Aug 2022 – Volunteers have completed 10 service projects across Adelaide Hills and Cherry Gardens regional towns that were impacted by the December 2019 bushfires. The 2019 bushfire emanating in Cudlee Creek covered more than 25,000 hectares across the Adelaide Hills. DRT SA volunteers deployed over a series of five waves.
  • Cherry Gardens May 2021 – June 2021 – Recovery from January 2021 bushfires covering 2,700 hectares across Cherry Gardens, Bradbury, Dorset Value and Kangarilla in SA.
  • Adelaide Jan – Feb 2022 – DRT SA initiated a national operation in response to COVID-1. Operation Chapple enabled DRA to support communities with access to Rapid Antigen Tests.
  • Kangaroo Island Nov 2022 – Operation Turner and Operation Tiger were both national Operations, focused on bushfire recovery on Kangaroo Island following the devasting Black Summer fires. DRT SA was heavily involved in the deployment of volunteers to provide boots on the ground while also championing for another two of DRA’s national operations.

DRT SA has received commendation from SAFECOM following relief and recovery efforts.

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