Short Term Operation Cherry Gardens

Bushfire Recovery in Cherry Gardens

In response to Bushfire Recovery
Location Cherry Gardens View map
Status Completed
Dates May 2021 – Feb 2022

Bushfire Recovery in Cherry Gardens

DRA supported the residents in the Cherry Gardens community in response to fires in the area.

DRT volunteers deployed over a series of seven waves.

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Service Project Adelaide Hils

I am seriously impressed with DRA and I loved my first deployment. We made such an impact to community resident Janet. We made her cry in a way that “I haven’t cried in over 11 years.”rnrnFrom good humour and easy organisation, DRA has everything possible sorted, that you could think of. The teamwork shirts are the best I have ever worn, and what impressed me the most, was the care and maintenance of the chainsaws each afternoon.rn

u0022I can’t wait for my next deploymentu0022
dra operation traill

After retiring I wanted to volunteer my time and skills to help others. I joined DRA following a suggestion from my sister, a Navy and VicPolice veteran, also a DRA volunteer.rnrnMy first deployment was to the Adelaide Hills third Wave. Everything was run like a well-oiled machine (or chainsaw!). I was one of the worker bees who, without chainsaw qualifications, was able to assist in cleaning up at two properties devastated by last year’s fires. We worked in teams up and down the steep terrain each day. I expected to work hard, and it was tough going. But it was nothing compared to how tough and resilient the property owners are.rn

u0022I feel privileged”

Impact on the ground

DRA conducted several bushfire recovery service projects in the Cudlee Creek and Cherry Gardens areas, over an 18-month period.

Service Project Adelaide Hills

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Planning for upcoming operational deployments is now underway. If you are keen to participate or find out more, express your interest today.

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