Operation Sheean

On June 11, 2022, cyclonic winds exceeding 200km/h, impacted the Northwest Coast of Tasmania and in particular the Kentish LGA. Approximately 100 properties were severely impacted, extensively damaging bushland, farming land, residential and commercial infrastructure. Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) assisted in the recovery process.

In response to Cyclonic Winds
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Status Complete
Dates 21 Jul 2022 – 21 Aug 2022
Operation Sheean

Cyclone Recovery NW coast of Tasmania

Cyclonic winds impacted the Northwest Coast of Tasmania and in particular the Kentish LGA on June 11, 2022. SES and RFS estimated that more than 100 properties were impacted by the extreme weather conditions. Rural Alive and Well (RAW), approached DRA to assist in the recovery process within the impacted area.

Disaster Recovery Taskings

  • Ensure safe access to impacted properties through removal of fallen trees
  • Assist RAW & Kentish LGA with removal of crowns of fallen trees on council/public land
  • Chainsaw operations training and consolidation activities for DRT Tasmania members as required
  • Minor fence line repairs
  • Aerial damage assessments

Conclusion of Operation Sheean

DRA concluded Operation Sheean, based at the Claude Road Community Hall in the Kentish Council LGA, on Saturday, 20th August 2022 after 5 weeks in the area. As of 17th August 2022, the operation deployed 74 volunteers, contributing over 3900 volunteer hours and 111 requests for assistance. The estimated cost saving to the community is over $210,000.

General Manager of Field Operations, Chris Perrin, was immensely proud of the DRA teams’ efforts in assisting to clear the enormous volume of debris from fallen trees. “Though we managed to remove a significant number of trees, it’s going to take more time and more effort to fully recover. Our local team will continue to help with the clean-up effort.”

DRA sincerely thanks everyone involved for their selfless contribution and service. Partners, supporters, and donors who have and are continuing to contribute funding, donations and in-kind support enable the veteran led volunteer disaster relief teams to bring real help where it’s needed most.

DRA extends our thanks to the Kentish community for being so welcoming to DRA volunteers.

The story behind the name

Operation Sheean is named for Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean, a courageous soldier awarded the Victoria Cross. Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean was born on 28 December 1923 at Lower Barrington, Tasmania.

Ordinary Seaman’Teddy’ Sheean’s vessel the HMAS Armidale was hit by two Japanese torpedoes and a bomb and began to sink. As the order to abandon ship was given, he helped free a life raft and was wounded.

He went to a 20 mm cannon and began to fire on the Japanese aircraft to protect those in the water.  He shot down one of the Japanese bombers but was killed when the HMAS Armidale sank. Many of the survivors from the sinking credited their lives to him.

He is the first member of the Royal Australian Navy to be awarded Australia’s highest honour for valour. After a sustained public campaign by Teddy Sheean’s family and supporters, he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross in August 2020.


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Tasmanian Recovery operation 2022

DRA’s recovery operation in Tasmania

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