Operation Woods

On Monday, 1 February 2021 the Wooroloo fire started near Werribee Road, Wooroloo, Western Australia and was first reported at around 2pm. On Tuesday, 2 February 2021, the fire had travelled in a north-west direction spreading from the Shire of Mundaring into the City of Swan, destroying approximately 80% of properties in the township of Tilden Park. By Saturday, 6 February 2021, the fire had covered 26kms burning approximately 10,900 hectares.  

The emergency efforts transitioned from the response to recovery phase on Thursday, 11 February 2021. As of Thursday, 18 February 2021, approximately 320 properties had been damaged by the fire with 86 of those destroyed.  

Operation Woods was Disaster Relief Australia’s (DRA) first major operation in Western Australia, incorporating the launch of our Perth Disaster Relief Team. DRA collaboration with the Minderoo Foundation’s Fire and Flood Resilience initiative, partnering to rapidly deploy volunteers into the region to help with recovery efforts for the Perth Hills Bushfire.  

As part of this new initiative, DRA coordinated deployment of our members and volunteers from Minderoo, including staff from Fortescue Metals and Western Force as well as providing on the ground support for recovery efforts. The Minderoo Fire and Flood Resilience Fund covered travel and accommodation costs. This collaboration ensures fire-affected communities are matched with skilled and experienced volunteers, to help them rebuild and recover from what has been the most devastating fire season in Australian history.

In response to Floods
Location Perth, WA View map
Status Complete
Dates 27 Feb 2021 – 24 Apr 2021
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Perth Hills Bushfire Recovery Operation

Area of Operations 

Perth, WA 

Recovery Taskings for Operation Woods 

As part of Operation Woods, DRA provided the following capabilities: 

  • Damage and Impact Assessments 
  • Chainsaw work and tree removal 
  • Debris management and removal 
  • Repairs 
  • Route clearance. 

Operation impact

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Volunteer hours

Become a partner 190

Volunteers deployed

Become a partner 103

Work orders completed

Become a partner $527K

Saved by the community

Drone 305

ADAT flight hours

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ADAT flights

Western Australian Bushfire Recovery Operation 2021

DRA’s Bushfire Recovery Operation in the Western Australia. 

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Seeing you guys rolling in, and just getting down to it and chipping away has been so awesome. You are going to take a huge chunk out of what I would have had to do on my own, this would have taken me days and so I am so grateful.

All we want to do is get back onto our land but my husband Brett works away and so we have wanted to get fences in for security, because it’s just me and the two girls, we haven’t been able to do that because the land hasn’t been cleared.

After today and the work you guys have done, we are a lot closer to getting back on our land.

Bronwyn Hughes, Perth Hills resident

Operation Burton

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