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Our mission is to unite the skills and experience of military veterans with emergency services specialists to rapidly deploy disaster relief teams in Australia and around the world in the wake of natural disasters.

Disasters are our business

Founded in 2016 with the expressed goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Disaster Relief Australia has deployed hundreds of volunteers across the Australia and world to provide relief to communities in need.

Who we serve

When disaster strikes, we work hard to help the most vulnerable in need. By working with or alongside local agencies and governments, Disaster Relief Australia seeks to be of the utmost service to those in need. 

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Capabilities and services

No two disasters are alike. Each require a different approach and skillset.

Disaster Relief Australia offers a wide range of capabilities to best serve communities in need.

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Disaster Relief Australia

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Disaster Relief Australia unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy disaster relief teams.

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