dra 2021 awards

On 28th October 2021, Disaster Relief Australia members Australia wide joined a live linkup to celebrate the milestone of 5 years in serving disaster-affected communities.

Guest Speaker Shane Durdin joined DRA in the beginning and deployed on first operation to Proserpine in 2017. Shane reflected on his first experiences. He felt immediately a “passion and willingness to get it done” and has continued to note the resiliency, hard work and support of the growing band of volunteers determined to make a difference.

2021 Awards

In recognition of excellence, mateship, leadership and a dedication to service, awards were given to the following recipients:

CEO Award

Dean West QLD South

Mateship Award

Jane Hiatt  ACT
Ted Tiessem QLD North

True Grit Award

Jodie Turpin SA

Leadership Award

Peter Jones  VIC

DRT NSW Champion Award

Marina Rowe

DRT Champion VIC Award

Chris May

DRT WA Champion Award

Ben Abbott  WA

DRT ACT Champion Award

Stephen Hull

DRT QLD North Champion Award

Kevin Ryan

DRT QLD Sth Champion Award

Robert Delaney

​DRT SA Champion Award

Dean Pye

National Emergency Medals

131 DRA members were awarded a National Emergency Medal (or a clasp to add to a previously received NEM). A national emergency medal provides recognition for the committed and courageous efforts of frontline responders, volunteers and community supporteres during nationally-significant emergencies in Australia

The below emergencies were formally responded to as an organisation and have been declared nationally significant for the purposes of the National Emergency Medal:

Bushfires in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA or ACT between September 2019 and February 2020.

DRA is immensely proud of their members who selflessly served Australian communities in their worst hour. You see the full resources and FAQ’s about National Emergency Medals on the Governor Generals’ website.

Milestone Awards

In honour of DRA’s 5th year anniversary, members were recognised for their many years of service.

5 Year Service - 2016

Smiley Billings  ACT 
Martin De Domenico  ACT 
Andrew Young  NSW 
Samantha Cantwell  NSW 
Clare Sutton NSW
Geoff Evans  NSW 
Luke Gordon  NSW 
Samuel Corby  NSW 
Raymond Bennie  NSW 
Stephen Luke  QLD North
Louise Lommerse  QLD South
Nicholas Goss  QLD South
Dean West  QLD South
Oren Burg  QLD South
Markus Bucy  SA 
Nicolas Davy  TAS 
Peter Sanderson  VIC
Angela MacQuibban  VIC
Paul Copeland  VIC
Clark McConachy  VIC
Brad Mason  WA 
James Erwin  WA 

Special Mentions

David Fascinato
Lukas Woolley
Adam Cantrick
Camille Reed
Sean O’Laughlin
Ken Harbaugh
William McNulty

First Operation 2017

Megan Read NSW
Arthur Drozd NSW
Kachi Ngai NSW
Samantha Cantwell NSW
Adil Jain NSW
Andrew Quinn NSW
Adam Hobson NSW
Deborah Fenton NSW
Geoff Evans NSW
Mark Dobson NSW
Clare Sutton NSW
Leasa Stephen QLD South
Louise Lommerse QLD South
Cade Cooper QLD South
Shane Durdin QLD South
Chantelle Bradford SA
Anastasia Bougesis SA
Markus Bucy SA
Peter James Major TAS
Paul Copeland VIC
Peter Sanderson VIC
Nicholas Clarke-Daniel WA