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In 2023, Allianz Australia expanded its partnership with Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) to deliver its flagship Big Map capability. This initiative sits at the very heart of DRA’s relief and recovery operations by assisting vulnerable communities in planning for future natural disasters.

The Big Map initiative is an all-day event that combines local knowledge with DRA’s significant disaster management capability to explore the fire and flood threats, challenges and risks to the community. At the events, residents have the opportunity to see their community profiled on a giant floor map called a ‘Big Map’, prepared using DRA mapping and drone technology. The Big Map identifies areas at risk of flooding and fire and explores ways in which communities can build resilience and help reduce the impact of future disaster events.

Allianz has generously committed to funding training sessions for additional volunteers to allow DRA to meet demand. Allianz will also co-host four Big Map events in disaster-prone areas to help build resilient communities. The Allianz Disaster Recovery Team will attend the Big Map sessions to help arm residents with the right information to ensure they’re adequately covered before a disaster and provide information on how their insurer can support them after an event.

With over three million Australians choosing Allianz as their insurer, DRA is thrilled to partner with Allianz to educate and equip communities with the skills and knowledge to identify and manage hazards, to improve disaster preparedness.

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