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The Keno and Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) partnership aims to reach out to communities affected by natural disasters, bringing help and hope. The partnership supports DRA’s efforts to continue to mobilise its veteran-led volunteer workforce to where they are most needed. The partnership celebrates clubs and pubs which are often the heart of an Australian community, whilst also being utilised as a base of operations to manage sustained disaster recovery operations.

In 2022, Keno continued its partnership with DRA by committing $200,000 per year over the next two years to help communities recover from natural disasters. This has been coupled with an in-kind contribution towards the partnership including promotion of dedicated awareness campaigns in Keno clubs, with digital screens highlighting DRA’s disaster relief work across Australian communities.

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Keno has renewed its partnership with DRA for the next two years to aid communities in the aftermath of disasters. DRA CEO, Geoff Evans, said the essential partnership between the two organisations supported communities following severe and life…

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