Spirit Award Richard Lucas

Disaster Relief Australia | January 2022

Richard Lucas has been nominated as an extremely encouraging and welcoming personality, inspiring confidence and mutual respect in those around him.

He is described as “the sort of bloke that makes you feel included and at ease from the moment you meet him”. Another nominee says “He is a quiet achiever who gets the job done, takes care of the team, does it safely and competently”.

Aside from his confidence in leading teams and commitment to assisting the community, as a long-term firefighter and Station Commander within Fire and Rescue NSW, Richard has vast experience in responding to emergencies, trauma and the confronting nature of that work.

He joined DRA to further extend his service to disaster-affected communities, and does so in a way that is truly aligned with the spirit of DRA. The level of technical and leadership skills that the Chief demonstrates sets a high standard in field leadership, and serves as a role model to others in respectful, calm and confident conduct.