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DRT Manager: Ian Shepherd

DRT QLD South was launched in March 2017 with 30 volunteers and has grown to 524. Since it was launched, DRT QLD South volunteers have attended 10 service projects. These include:

  • Across SE Queensland 2022 – Volunteers undertaking Damage Assessment (DA) and Reconstruction Monitoring (DARM) taskings with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) each quarter since the SE Queensland Floods in 2022. In total, four local operations have been conducted.
  • Yeppoon – A joint service project with Soldier On was undertaken at Yeppoon to help with renovations to the Veterans Camp.
  • Pine Rivers – Providing assistance to renovate the Pine Rivers RSL.
  • Camp Gregory Veteran Camp – A group of dedicated DRT Queensland South volunteers assisted with maintenance taskings around the Camp Gregory veteran campsite. Though this service project was completed, there have been ongoing discussions to provide further assistance again when required.
  • Brisbane Suncorp Stadium – The 42 for 42 Memorial Garden, situated at Suncorp Stadium, is a veteran initiated community group for those affected by the war in Afghanistan. DRT Queensland South volunteers have undertaken maintenance taskings as requested. The team continues to offer support for general maintenance as required.
  • Gympie Veterans Retreat – Assisted with maintenance around the Gympie Veterans Retreat.
  • Brisbane – Volunteers visited the State Disaster Coordination Centre (SDCC) and State Operations Centre (SOC) in Brisbane for familiarisation. This visit provided great insight into the operational framework used by the SDCC and SOC, as well as building relationships with these organisations. Additional visits can be arranged for DRT Queensland South volunteers, as requested.
  • Banks Creek Retreat – Assisted with maintenance around the grounds of Banks Creek and in partnership with Banks Creek Retreat, to conduct DRA training. Banks Creek Retreat is a facility for First Responders and Defence Personnel to take time away from daily challenges as needed.

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