Privileged and very much humbled – Baz

Disaster Relief Australia | November 2020

baz reflection operation dexterI joined DRA in 2018, with my first deployment being Operation McLeod in late 2018/early 2019. Since then I have come back for six more deployments! It’s good to be back in same community as part of Operation Dexter as we help recovery efforts within the Rosedale community and surroundings.

20 months on, this place really has a different vibe about it. The countryside is green, and the community feels more alive and upbeat. This is in vast comparison to when I was here on my first deployment.  Everything was burnt, the community was in shock and the veterans they helped, many of whom had spent their life savings to retire in the area, had lost almost everything.

I feel privileged and very much humbled, to be able to come back again, This is the most I’ve ever been looked after on a Wave. To have one person who takes care of us and makes sure we are fed after a day in the heat on the tools is just amazing and it very much feels like a family.